Official Fail #1

Friday we went to go “attempt” to sell our plasma, it turns out that was a total FAIL!! First off we got lost, could not find the exact place, and we were extremely nervous. though we knew it would be rewarding.

We tried another place and actually found it though we had some problems walking in the problem was there was sooooo many people! Who would have thought so many people sell their plasma on a Friday morning. Well it looks like we are going to have to turn to other ways of making money. Official fail #1! Plasma center we will be back…..with appointments!

Please excuse our delays in blogging, keep in mind we are full time students with jobs and have commitment to volunteering. We will try our best to blog about our adventures more often. We are so close to getting sponsorships for our trip! More about that tomorrow! Please subscribe to our blog, also feel free to contribute to our expensive trip!


4 thoughts on “Official Fail #1

  1. I wonder where you’re from! I though t the UK .. but selling your blood? Does this mean you are from the USA?

    We donate our blood in New Zealand .. freely given and freely recieved 🙂 🙂

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