People Nowadays…

Barnes and Nobles is the place where we find ourselves most productive. Somehow were just smarter there, it must be all the books around us or something. We love this bookstore to death…though the people that make up the bookstore sure are something else…not in a pleasant way (MmmmmHmmm). We suppose it’s all part of the adventure. While we work hard we always encounter some interesting people.

As you’ve all seen our working space, (please see first blog for picture references) it is not a presentable area. We’ve got papers everywhere, envelopes here and there, and a needed power outlet for our laptop. Usually we decide to come late at night to avoid the public, not because we’re famous, but we do have 19 followers…but whatever.(Please subscribe!) A worker (identity concealed for their own safety) comes up and attacks us with words. This worker demanded we clean up our “hazardous” space. This reminded us of our grandma coming after us with a sandal (Not like we would know ;)). That was a sad day. 😦

On another note, one of our tasks involves phone calling, though this becomes difficult when a guy in the aisle in front is trying to flirt very loudly with a girl next to him. She was just minding her business (not into him) on a Friday night (yes we even sacrifice our lively Fridays) but he eventually got her attention and they began to talk very loudly. Just by inactively listening we’ve learned a lot from them, one was a school teacher and the other was in school for psychology. Turns out he convinced her on a date…good job buddy! It was almost like this…

Another obstacle we’ve over came, are our peer customer game players, which we involuntarily signed up for some game here. Its like one giant game of peek-a-boo at the bookstore! Apparently people are trying to get in on our brilliant ideas. People peek through the bookshelf and see what we’re up to. Which we don’t understand because they just stare at us, not like were celebrities we do have blog…but whatever. In return, Tania gets up and peeks around the bookshelf and yells “peek-a-boo we see you,” this definitely makes them feel awkward (don’t hate the player, hate the game).

Lastly, the store’s soundtrack. Need we say boring! We’re not trying to fall as sleep, but just in case we are next to the story time area which will help us take a nap if needed(which we are seriously considering).


To learn more, please visit the “About Us” page where we have a brief description of us and our goals to studying abroad! Want to know what we come up with next? Make sure you subscribe and we hope you enjoy!

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One thought on “People Nowadays…

  1. RanaJ says:

    I love that you used that video! But those are definitely good reasons to go to Barnes and Nobles during the night time! haha

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