Hopefully Dreams Come True!

Ever since we have sent out 53 letters (Woot woot!) we have been dreaming of success…literally! The other night Tania had a sweet dream of our future success. It took place at Brittany’s house, Brittany received a phone call from Tania asking if she checked the mail. Brittany really hadn’t been home, so we decided to meet up and check it out together. (Boy were we in for a treat!) Once we arrived to the mail box it was mail-less, though there was a key present! The key was for the bigger mail box. (There was still some hope!)  When Tania opened it up, letters were flying EVERYWHERE! (Just like in Harry Potter!) Tania screamed, “BRITTANY WE HIT THE JACKPOT!” We were swimming in an ocean of letters that contained donations for our study abroad fund! (That’ll be the day!)

We wish to have a real-life experience just like Harry Potter. That was one hell of a dream! (Hopefully it comes true!) Doesn’t dreaming of success usually forecast a successful future? (Let’s hope that is the case in our situation!) To learn more, please visit the “About Us” page where we have a brief description of us and our goals for studying abroad. Make sure you subscribe and we hope you enjoy!

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One thought on “Hopefully Dreams Come True!

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    Dreaming of success drives you to success.. so i guess it does forecast a successful future.

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