About Us

Hi all, our names are Brittany Flores and Tania Martinez, we are cousins-best friends and first generation students at Arizona State University who are looking forward to studying abroad in New Zealand and Fiji in the summer of 2012. Brittany is undergoing a bachelors degree in Nutrition Communications with a minor in Exercise and Wellness, while Tania is obtaining a bachelors degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences with a minor in Biological Sciences. Our goal is to study abroad together to get the once in a lifetime experience that can transform our futures. Our setback is paying for this trip, in order to fulfill our studies abroad, $24,000 is needed for this trip to take place. With this blog we intend to demonstrate the different ways we achieve our goal, keep track of our progress, and share our thoughts before, during, and after our journey. We would love to hear your feed back and opinions through comments or e-mail at tania.brittany@yahoo.com. We hope you enjoy our adventure! Feel free to help us out by clicking on the “Donate” button!


3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Thanks for the follow and compliment! Sounds like you two have a great goal! One of my best friends just traveled to NZ and had an amazing time. If it helps, she also fundraised to pay for her trip.

    Some ideas that she used: a poker night with the proceeds going to your trip, have you seen ‘Up in the Air’ with clooney? you could have people raffle to ‘travel with you’ by taking a cut out picture of them with you and photographing that pic in the places you go so it’s almost like they went, or do dial-a-dog or phone-a-flapjack at your college.

    Stay motivated!

  2. Just wanted to say good luck to you guys! I’m working on fundraising for some of my trips, too, so I totally understand! Have you held a bakesale yet? They have always been my most productive fundraiser. Hold them at banks, the library, anywhere, really, and don’t price the items, just have some information of where you’re going and say everything is for a donation. I made over $400 at one once and if there’s a few banks in your area…there ya go! Also got a lot of mine by spending sponsorship letters to family members, friends.

    I hope it works out! Email me if you want to brainstorm fundraising/talk more! 🙂

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