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Goals Within Goals

It may seem to you that we are stuck in a rut, but don’t you worry we have more tricks up our sleeves! (That’s right!) We have recently received our first semi-donation! (Yay!) Even though it was not what we were asking for, The Energizer Company has sent us coupons for a few of their products. We will definitely be using their donation in our trip! (Thanks a bunch!)

On Saturday we will be having our first yard sale! (There will be more.) We’ve been preparing so much for it, by making signs and collecting items to sell. We may even preview our goodies for our future bake sale! Hopefully we will have a great outcome! Our goals for Saturday will help us lead us to our main goal!

To learn more, please visit the “About Us” page where we have a brief description of us and our goals to studying abroad! Want to know what we come up with next? Make sure you subscribe and we hope you enjoy!

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