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Tough Life!

Boy oh boy it has been a while word press followers! So sorry, we have come across a few obstacles. What will it take for us to go study abroad? Well one thing is for sure hard work is what it will take (no doubt about it!). We’ve sent letters(and got some plenty of reject letters) , had a yard sale (about to have another one!) and still we are not close to our goal. Luckily our hope has not ran out! What else can we do to possibly raise money, this is was harder than we initially thought! No matter what we will find away to study abroad, with our high hopes and deep determination we still have belief in our trip! Typical of Brittania (never giving up!).

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Ways to New Zealand and Fiji!

This is a list we came up with various methods to raise money for our study abroad fund.

**WARNING: This list is serious yet humorous, scaled by the level of desperation!**

  1. Apply for grants. (Thats a given)
  2. Apply for scholarships. (That’s a given)
  3. Send letters to companies asking for their sponsorship. (In the process)
  4. Save from paychecks. (Which won’t help much)
  5. Save our coins. (Coinstar!)
  6. Have a yard sale. (Out with the old, in with the Fiji/New Zealand)
  7. Sell our clothes to a second hand store. (Classier Goodwill)
  8. Have a car wash. ( Though two-man car wash might not be effective)
  9. Find and return missing dogs to owners. (Only with flyers that include rewards, we suppose the above flyer won’t help)
  10. Dress up as homeless people for Halloween. (Trick-or-Treat for cans… to sell)
  11. Create a revenue of an in-home wax center. (Does not include: bikini area)
  12. Selling plasma. (Seriously being considered)
  13. Selling sperm. (Might be considered if we were men!)
  14. Selling organs. (We’ll be human lab rats)
  15. Become surrogates. (Hey we’ve got 9 months, better hurry up before September ends!)

While some of these options are too insane, some may be considered. If you have any ideas for us feel free to let us know! To learn more, please visit the “About Us” page where we have a brief description of us and our goals to studying abroad! Please subscribe and we hope you enjoy!

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